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Tuesday, September 15, 2009

My heavenly Home!

Hey everyone I told you I would have some stories on here. This is the only one I have posted. But I hope you like it read on and have fun. Many people believe that this earth is our home. But little do they know about my home. Because you see this earth is far from my home. This is just a resting place for the lords children to wait until he comes back. You see he is away making his kingdom. Which is known as heaven. Then he is going to come back, and get his children. And they will live with the master forever in heaven. He is known as Jesus Christ The King of Kings and The Lord of Lords. And then and only then will his children know that there home. Because Jesus was crucified so that his children could live with him. So those nail scar hands. That are right before my eyes for the very first time. Is going to mean so much to me. Because every time I look at those hands. I am going to know what a wonderful price that he paid. Just so that his children could live forever with him in heaven. And that home that I am talking about is going to be more beautiful. Then anything that is on this earth. Because this earth offers me nothing. Because It is going to pass away remember. But that heavenly home offers me treasures in a place. That will never pass away. God's treasures is more beautiful then any treasure on this earth. Because God offers his children a mansion that is more beautiful. Then any house on this earth. Our mansions in heaven are made out of jewels. You know the stuff that women wear around their neck or in a ring. The streets are going to be paved with gold. That stuff that seems so valuable and people wants to kill each other over. His children are going to be walking on it. Gold does not really mean that much to God. And there is going to be a river that is clear as crystal. And I look forward to going to heaven. Because I have a great grandma and great grandpa there. And I know that when I get there. They are going to be so proud! That I lived for the lord. I am going to a place. Where God allows no one to hurt. People does not cry there. They do not carry any burdens. Gods said no liars or anything that maketh a lie will be welcome in his kingdom. This place is going to be so peaceful. Jesus said that even the lion will lay with the lamb. His people are going to be able to set down with our master face to face. The only man that could be everything. That you needed him to be. A friend that always stood closer, than a brother or a sister. The man that could heal me better than any doctor. Was the only man that has a answer to you every problem. He is best teacher that you will ever find. He provides for his children. And I am so glad that one day. I am going to heaven to be with him. Its like a dream. But a dream you always have to wake up from. But His children are going to heaven and Its no dream. Its going to be the real deal. And then our lives are only about to begin. And that is just alittle about what this place is going to look like. Well I hope you like this story. I believe that this story was from the lord. Sorry Its so long but its not even the whole story. I just wrote what I thought was important out of the story. I hope It blesses you in someway and hope that it will conviced you to live for God. Well I have to go. I'll talk to you later.

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  1. Hey
    Great Story. That was very encouraging. I look forward to more.