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Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Little Girl Needs prayer

Hey everyone, How are you doing. I am doing great! So is everyone ready for Christmas. I am I love Christmas time. It just feels so peaceful. I wish it could stay Christmas all the time. Because I love the way Christmas makes you feel. When you watch children open their presents. There faces just light up. But the real thing that I love about Christmas. Is that I get to celebrate the birth of Jesus. And thats why it feels so good at Christmas. But the most wonderful thing is that you can gave salvation. The Lord gives out and its for anyone. Its not for just rich people or poor. Its for everyone and the thing about it is you don't have to wait until Christmas. You can ask for it anytime. But If you don't know the Lord. Then what a good time to ask. But there is one thing that I want to ask you. Please remember the little girl from my last post. Because her granny isn't doing good at all. she really doesn't have a good chance of living. They think that she has brain cancer. So please remember this little girl. Because She just lost her mother not very long ago. So please take time to pray for this girl. She is only five and you can only imagine how she is feeling. Christmas is coming up and we really don't know how her Christmas is going to go. But we can pray for a miracle for this little girl. So please don't forget her when you pray. You would want someone to pray for you. And praying is part of her jobs when we are Christians. I hope everyone has a good day and God bless you.
Love Twhite

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