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Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Happy Thanksgiving

Hey Everyone,

I hope that you are doing ok. I'm sorry that I haven't put anything on in a while. I have been so busy working here lately. I just want to wish everyone a Happy Thanksgiving. I hope that everyone drives safe if you are traveling. I hope that everyone remembers the real reason for Thanksgiving. If you haven't told your children the real reason for Thanksgiving. I hope that you tell them. I know that they would really enjoy learning about it. I am so thankful for many things. One being that I still have the freedom to serve my savior. The Lord is very important in my life. Because with out him I would be nothing. I'm thankful that he gave me a wonderful husband that I love so much. He is my second favorite guy. Its the Lord then my husband. I am so glad that the Lord has gave him a good job. Because I know that there are so many people without the stuff that they need. Please remember these people when you are praying. Also remember you Soldiers. I know that they want to be with there family too. They give up so much for us. The are fighting for freedom that seems like gets taken from us little by little everyday. So you might want to enjoy it while you can. Because some day you may not have the freedom to do everything that you want. So please remember to pray for your soldiers. Anyways I hope that everyone has a Happy Thanksgiving. I will talk to everyone later. God Bless you and your families. Thanks for coming and visiting me at Tracy's Corner. Remember my button is available now. Thanks and have a good day.

Tracy Whitehead

Friday, November 15, 2013

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Remember your soldiers

Hey Everyone,

How are you doing to day? I am doing great today. I am done with my tax classes now. I hope everyone is enjoying this cooler weather. I want to say thanks to my followers on feedspot. I didn't know that I had followers over there. So thank you for following Tracy's Corner. I hope everyone is getting ready for Thanksgiving. Because it is just around the corner. Please remember you Soldiers these holidays. Because I know that they would give anything to be with there families. I am so thankful for our men and women in uniform. I am thankful that the give up so much just so that we all can have our freedom. But it seem to me that our freedom is getting taken away little by little. So remember to stand up for the important things in life. Because someday we may not have the freedom to do so. We must always remember that God is in control. It doesn't matter what happens down here he will always be in control. So America better remember one thing. when God is take out of America. There will be no America. Because God doesn't settle for being last. I am so glad for the freedom to still read my bible though, and also to go to church. Remember to pray for the Philippines. they really could use your prayer. Remember while you are in your warm home. They have no home anymore. I could not imagine be without my home. it would be a very hard thing to deal with. They don't only have to deal with not having a home, but also family members that are no longer with them. I believe praying for them is our Christian duty. Also if any of my followers or anybody that you know needs prayer. We have a prayer chain its So if you need prayer let us  know. You may also post you prayer request on here. We are here to pray for anybody. But I will get off of here and let you go. I hope that you have a great day. Thanks for coming and visiting Tracy's Corner. God bless you always.

Tracy Whitehead