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Thursday, March 18, 2010

Hey everyone! how are you doing to day I am doing great. I can't believe how pretty it is today. I think it is so neat how God took time to prepare each season. I like them all but prefer fall and spring. I love to plant flower so I love the spring time. I love the fall because it starts cooling off. Then is when I love to go camping. But its just so amazing how God planned each season. It really makes you wonder what heaven is like. Because Heaven is going to be so much better. Its going to be the perfect weather. Everything is going to be so perfect. I can't imagine being some where you will never be sick or feel no pain. It nearly seams impossible. But there is nothing that's impossible for God. But I just wanted to get on and say hi. I hope you all have a good day. Please remember to pray for your soldiers. And your lost loved ones. Because you might be the only one that can reach that person. No just them but your friends and church family. People act like that preachers don't go through things. But they do Satan fights them hard. I know my mother-in-law is a preacher. And they go threw things. So remember to pray for them. God bless you all.
Hey Everyone! Sorry I didn't have time to get over here and write about St. Patrick's Day. I really didn't do that much yesterday. But I did wear green. But my husband had to work. Then he went for wheeler riding. I was glad that he could get out with his friends and have some fun. It was pretty yesterday. But I mostly worked on my other blog. I have been trying to get it setup. Thank's Leann for leaving the comment. I hope you blog goes well. I put you on my blog list maybe now I can keep up with your blog. Anyways back to St. Patrick's Day. I love to read some of the history about him. I thought it was pretty neat how he referred the shamrock to the trinity. St. Patrick used the shamrock to symbolize how The Father, The Son, and The Holy Spirit can be separate but also part of the same entity. But I can't hardly want for Easter to get here. It is just around the corner. I hope you have a great day and may God bless you.

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Do you celebrate Saint Patricks' Day? It's this month on the 17th. (A week from Thursday) Do you study the history of Saint Patrick? Make shamrocks from construction paper? Wear green?

Do you celebrate Easter? It's April 4th. Only 27 days away. How do you decorate? Do you color eggs? Tell of Jesus rising on the third day? Do you get a new bonnet or dress? How do you make your friends and family feel comfy around Easter?

I do celebrate St. Patrick's Day. I like making crafts When I have time. I love to color. So I color Shamrocks. I like to make Shamrock's out of green construction paper. I try to wear green. If I don't forget about it. I do celebrate Easter. There is nothing better then celebrating the resurrection of Jesus. That's the most important thing to me on Easter. I love watching the little children Easter egg hunt. But It amazes me that Jesus loves me and you. So much that he gave his life. So that me and you could be forgiven of our sins. That just amazes me every time I thing about it. Because Lord knows that I am so unworthy. But still loved me enough that he would give is life. But the best part was that when he died it was over for him. But on the third day rose from the dead. I usually get me a new dress and my husband usually wear a nice shirt and nice pants. He's not really the kind that likes suits that much. My mother-in-law play's the piano and we love to sing. So we usually sing some Easter songs. That is how I celebrate Easter and St. Patrick's Day. Thanks for coming and reading my post. Come back and see me soon. Have a great day and God bless.
Love Twhite