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Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Little Girl Needs prayer

Hey everyone, How are you doing. I am doing great! So is everyone ready for Christmas. I am I love Christmas time. It just feels so peaceful. I wish it could stay Christmas all the time. Because I love the way Christmas makes you feel. When you watch children open their presents. There faces just light up. But the real thing that I love about Christmas. Is that I get to celebrate the birth of Jesus. And thats why it feels so good at Christmas. But the most wonderful thing is that you can gave salvation. The Lord gives out and its for anyone. Its not for just rich people or poor. Its for everyone and the thing about it is you don't have to wait until Christmas. You can ask for it anytime. But If you don't know the Lord. Then what a good time to ask. But there is one thing that I want to ask you. Please remember the little girl from my last post. Because her granny isn't doing good at all. she really doesn't have a good chance of living. They think that she has brain cancer. So please remember this little girl. Because She just lost her mother not very long ago. So please take time to pray for this girl. She is only five and you can only imagine how she is feeling. Christmas is coming up and we really don't know how her Christmas is going to go. But we can pray for a miracle for this little girl. So please don't forget her when you pray. You would want someone to pray for you. And praying is part of her jobs when we are Christians. I hope everyone has a good day and God bless you.
Love Twhite

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Please pray for this little girl!

Hey Everyone, How are you doing? I am doing great. So did everyone have a great Thanksgiving. There is this little girl that my mother-in-law has been teaching. She is a very precious little girl to us. So if you don't mind I would like you to pray for her. Her mother just past away not very long ago. So her grandmother is taking care of her. But her Grandmother has had a real bad stroke. So this little girl is really worried about her Granny. This little girl is only five years old. So you can only image what she is going through. Because she is scared and probably worried that she is going to lose her Granny too. Her Granny has a whole in her heart and the doctors what to get her strong enough that they can do surgery on her. So please remember this little girl and her family Please. I know that it is not the Lord's will for children to be sad. I know I would want someone to pray for me. If I was in that kind of situation. So please please please remember her when you pray. Because I know that she wants to be with her Granny. I believe with all of my heart that Prayers mean everything. And if this little girl could tell you. She would want you to pray for her Granny. God loves little children. So I know that someway he will make everything right. But this child needs you. so I know when you read this that you are going to do the right thing. And you are going to pray for this little girl. Because I do not see how you couldn't after reading this. Well I have to go. I hope you do the right thing and pray for her. I will talk to you later. Remember to pray for your soldiers they really need it. Please remember the little children being abused. No child deserves to be abused and some day I believe they will have their punishment for doing it. It may not be here on earth but there is one man that sees everything. I'll talk to you later. God bless you and have a great day. Thanks for you that pray for God hears each and everyone of them.
Love Twhite!

Monday, November 23, 2009

Hey Everyone, How are you doing? I am so thankful for the cooler weather. I am so excited about it being almost Thanksgiving. I just look around and just see so much that the lord has done. And it just tickles me. I am that I have a home to spend thanksgiving in. I'm glad that I have family to spend it with. Because it can he hard not having family during the holiday or anytime. I would like you to keep these people in your prayers. Because You never not you miss them so much until there gone. And so if you don't mind remember these people in prayer. Remember your soldiers they really need your prayers. Lets me thankful that we get to spend thanksgiving with our families. And not fighting for our country. Because husbands, wives, and children miss there families when they are gone fighting for us. You would want people to pray for you right. I know I would so pray for them like you would want them to for you. Well I have to go. I'll talk to you later. Have a great day and God bless you.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Hey Everyone, How are you doing? I am doing great. Sorry I have post anything in a while. I have been working on another blog. I am so happy that Thanksgiving is almost here. I love how that families can just get together and just be family for a little while. It feels so good when families can all get together. Because people really take each other for granted and because they just thank that there family is always going to be there. But people go on to be with the lord and some people don't have family at all. My heart goes out to them that don't. But I can't really remember the last time my family got together and had thanksgiving. Most of my family can't get along for that long. But I am married now and have good family. Not that mine isn't because I love my family. But I just want to encourage you to not take family for granted. Because there is people out there. That wish they had some family. May God be with you and your family. And them that doesn''t have family to spend thanksgiving with let pray for them. It can be very hurtful to have to spend Holiday's with yourself. But I not trying to make people sad. So I am going to go now. And please remember to pray for your soldiers. Because there is some soldiers that isn't going to b eable to spend thanksgiving with their families. So please keep them in your prays not just now but always. I hope you have a great day and God bless you.

Monday, November 2, 2009

Hey Everyone, How are you doing. I am doing great. There is this woman that I kinda know and She has Bell's palsy. If you don't know what this is. It's where your face goes paralysis on one side. It's hard to eat and drink. Sometimes it can be very painful. It causes you to have bad headaches. I know a little bit about it because I have had it before. So if you can find a minute to pray for her. I know she would appreciate it. Because It can causes you to be very depressed. Because you are always worrying about what people will think. Because you can't hardly talk right or anything. So If you would pray for her. I would appreciate it and I know she would too. So please remember her when you pray. Well I have got to go.

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Hey Everyone! How are you doing today. I am doing great. There are some other things that I would like you to pray about. I would like you to pray for Families. Because I believe that the devil hates families. He doesn't want mom's and dad's to take care of their children. He hates family time. And he really hates christian families. He doesn't like parents to teach their children about the bible. And I believe that it is very important to have family time. And I would like you to remember marriages. Because I believe that the devil doesn't want any marriage to work. But with pray and help from God then I know that marriages can work. But anyways I have to go and I'll talk to you later. Have a great day and god bless you.
Hey everyone, How are you doing. I am doing great. So have you been praying for the soldiers and the children being abuse. I really do wish that you would keep them in you prayers. Because If we as Christians do not pray for these. Then who is going to. I know if I was in that kind of place. I would want christian to pray for me. And as a christian that is part of our job. Jesus wants us to pray for them. So please remember them. It just takes a little bit to stop and pray for these. Have a nice day and god bless.

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Hey Everyone, How are you doing. I am doing great. I have been feeling a burden to pray for loved one. So I am asking you to help me pray for these. I have got grand parents and a dad I would love to see saved. So I'm asking you to help me pray for them. If you have anyone that you would like me to pray for I would feel honored. Thats what God has put me here for. To pray and help when souls for god. So I am asking you to come and help me be a part of that. Once again If you want to post your pray request then that's fine. But if you want pray and don't feel like posting them. Then you can send them to and I will pray for you there. But I know that I have loved one that I want to see go to heaven. Just like I'm sure you have ones that you want to go. So why don't we pray for each other. Well I'm going to get off of here. And let's still remember our soldiers and the children being abused. Just because we have prayed for them once. Does not mean that its time to stop. So let's remember these people and children.I hope you have a great day and god bless you.
Love Twhite

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Hey Everyone, How are you doing I am doing great. So is everyone glad that its fall. I am I love the fall. I love when the leaves start changing colors. I believe that god really put some work into fall. You can tell that its something that he created. Because you can just look at things in the fall and it looks so peaceful. But anyways I haven't wrote in a while. So I thought that I would get on here and write. But God is a really great person and if you haven't made him the lord of your life. Then I want to be the first to encourage you. Because It will be the best thing that has ever happen to you. And I want nothing but the best for you. So if you haven't gave him the chance all that I ask is that you give him a try. Because I promise you he will not fell you. Because he just wants the best for his children and if you let him take control of your life. Then you will never be the same again. Because he will change your life and he will restore you live with love that you thought that you had. But when you give him a chance then he will show you love that you never had. So I'm asking you as a friend to please give him a chance and then you will see the wonderful works that he can do in your life. Well I've got to go and I'll talk to you later. Have a great day and God bless you!
Love Twhite!

Friday, October 2, 2009

Hey how is everyone doing. I am doing great. well I have been working on my page as you can tell. I added a few more things that I thought was important. If you see this I would like you to remember to pray for the children that have been or are being abused. I believe that the lord would want that. Because the Lord said in Mat 18:6 But whoso shall offend one of these little ones which believe in me, it were better for him that a millstone were hanged about his neck, and that he were drowned in the depth of the sea. So if he said that about offending one. Then can you imagine if you hurt one. So pray for them that are being abused. Remember you can stop them but a child can not. So take responsibility and help stop it if you can. Remember to also pray for your soldiers. I could not imagine if my husband had to be away or had died while fighting for us. So lets take time to pray for our soldiers. Well I got to go for now. But please remember these people and children when you pray. Have a great day and God bless you.

Monday, September 28, 2009

Hey everyone, Sorry I haven't posted anything in a while. I have just been so busy here lately. Like I was saying, I do still have another story to post. I just haven't got around to putting it on here yet. But I hope that everyone is doing ok. If you have any prayer request. Then you can send it to I really would like to pray with you. I hope that you like my site. I haven't worked on it in a while. But I'll talk to you later. God bless you and your family.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Hey everyone, Its me Twhite I hope everyone is doing great. I am so ready for the fall to get here. It's just around the corner. I can already feel it coming.I still have another story to post. I just haven't got around to putting it on here yet. But I will get it on here as soon as I can. I hope you have a great day. I will talk to you later. God bless you.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

My heavenly Home!

Hey everyone I told you I would have some stories on here. This is the only one I have posted. But I hope you like it read on and have fun. Many people believe that this earth is our home. But little do they know about my home. Because you see this earth is far from my home. This is just a resting place for the lords children to wait until he comes back. You see he is away making his kingdom. Which is known as heaven. Then he is going to come back, and get his children. And they will live with the master forever in heaven. He is known as Jesus Christ The King of Kings and The Lord of Lords. And then and only then will his children know that there home. Because Jesus was crucified so that his children could live with him. So those nail scar hands. That are right before my eyes for the very first time. Is going to mean so much to me. Because every time I look at those hands. I am going to know what a wonderful price that he paid. Just so that his children could live forever with him in heaven. And that home that I am talking about is going to be more beautiful. Then anything that is on this earth. Because this earth offers me nothing. Because It is going to pass away remember. But that heavenly home offers me treasures in a place. That will never pass away. God's treasures is more beautiful then any treasure on this earth. Because God offers his children a mansion that is more beautiful. Then any house on this earth. Our mansions in heaven are made out of jewels. You know the stuff that women wear around their neck or in a ring. The streets are going to be paved with gold. That stuff that seems so valuable and people wants to kill each other over. His children are going to be walking on it. Gold does not really mean that much to God. And there is going to be a river that is clear as crystal. And I look forward to going to heaven. Because I have a great grandma and great grandpa there. And I know that when I get there. They are going to be so proud! That I lived for the lord. I am going to a place. Where God allows no one to hurt. People does not cry there. They do not carry any burdens. Gods said no liars or anything that maketh a lie will be welcome in his kingdom. This place is going to be so peaceful. Jesus said that even the lion will lay with the lamb. His people are going to be able to set down with our master face to face. The only man that could be everything. That you needed him to be. A friend that always stood closer, than a brother or a sister. The man that could heal me better than any doctor. Was the only man that has a answer to you every problem. He is best teacher that you will ever find. He provides for his children. And I am so glad that one day. I am going to heaven to be with him. Its like a dream. But a dream you always have to wake up from. But His children are going to heaven and Its no dream. Its going to be the real deal. And then our lives are only about to begin. And that is just alittle about what this place is going to look like. Well I hope you like this story. I believe that this story was from the lord. Sorry Its so long but its not even the whole story. I just wrote what I thought was important out of the story. I hope It blesses you in someway and hope that it will conviced you to live for God. Well I have to go. I'll talk to you later.

Sunday, September 13, 2009

New at Blogging

Hey Everyone, how are you doing? I have been doing great. So do you like my blog. I still need to do a little work to it. But it's coming along. I will have some stories to put on here later. So you can come back and check if you would like. It may be a couple days before I get them on here. Have a great day. And God bless you.
Love Twhite!

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Welcome To Tracy Corner!

Hey Everyone! I don't know that much about blog. But I'm learning right now I'm trying to get my page setup. But I will be blogging about my Jesus. I will probably be writing about my family on here too. But It will mostly be about the lord. Well I hope you like Tracy corner. You are welcome here anytime. Come by here and see me.
Love Twhite!