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Thursday, June 10, 2010

Staying Comfy:

Do you celebrate Independence Day? How you make your friends and family feel comfy for Independence Day? Do you get together for fireworks at home or go out to a local display? Do you grill, or have any patriotic recipes to share? What's your tradition?
What do you enjoy most about summer? Being out of school? Going outside more? Swimming?

Yes We celebrate Independence Day. We usually go somewhere and watch fireworks. Sometimes we go to the park and somethings we go other places. I like the summer because of all the flowers. But then I don't really like it that good. Because it gets to hot and I don't really like the heat. And the snakes are really bad in the summertime. I hate snakes. My favorite is fall. Because the weather feels better to me. I don't go to school. But I can remember loving the summertime. Because there isn't any school in the summer. I do like to swim. But I usually swim in our pool. I love going outside and do things. But you just can't do that much in the summertime. That's how I celebrate Independence Day. Thanks for coming and reading my post. I hope you had a great time. Come back any time. Have a great day and may god bless you.
Love Twhite