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Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Staying Comfy: How do you spring clean or organize for the coming summer? Do you clean the grill? Service the lawn mower? Get rid of clothes that are too small? Have the pool cleaned or set one up? Are you dieting or excersizing? What gives you "spring fever"? Is your school over for the summer or do you go year round?

I love the spring time. I don't really do alot of spring cleaning. I mostly work around my flowers and do a few other things. My father-in-law has our grill clean. We have cooked out on it a few times. Thats my favorite thing about spring and summer. I love to go outside and smell the ribs grilling on the grill. I haven't got rid of any clothes yet. But I need to because I have alot of them that are to small. We really haven't clean our pool yet. My husband had a forwheeler accident. And I don't thing that he is going to beable to swim. Until closer to the end of summer. Because he had to have wrist surgery. And He will have to wear a cast for 4 weeks. Thanks for coming and reading. Have a great day and good job Tam on the meme.



  1. Great post. I love smelling those ribs grilling too, or hamburgers, hotdogs, vegetables, etc....!
    HaHa. Take care of that hubby. Thanks for participating even though it was late.

  2. Always glad to read your post. Hopefully there will be plenty of summer left after your hubby gets the cast off. Love you. Hope we have many more barbecues . I love them too. Good post, Tracy.