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Wednesday, April 14, 2010

What makes you comfy in spring ? Do you have to wear gloves when digging around in the dirt or playing outside? Do you have to take allergy medicines to tolerate the outside air? What brings you the most comfort in spring? Birds singing? Flowers blooming? Warmer temperatures?

I love the spring time. But I have bad allergies in the spring time. But its my favor time off the year. Because I love the flowers that comes out in the spring time. I do wear gloves while digging in the dirt and working with my flowers because I have a rose bush and it will stick you. I usually take allergy medicine. Because my hears stops up. But the lord knows how to take care of me. So I never get real bad. Its just gets bad enough that it pesters me. Well I love everything that spring brings. Its so exciting because he have a little bird that sets outside. And it sings all the time. Its even sings in the winter time. I love the little birds. Its just so much fun watching them. I don't really like the hot weather that much. But it doesn't start bothering me until summer. And thats how spring is for me. Thanks for reading. Hope you come back. Please keep praying for my husband. He's getting better one day at a time.


  1. I don't like the hot weather either. I love the mild warm weather, but dread the muggy hot summers here in Arkansas. I hope your allergies don't bother you as much this year. My prayers are with you. Those old allergies can be a problem. Love Aunt B

  2. I commented on here the other day, I guess it didn't work. I love the flowers, and the birds too. Hope your allergies don't act up too bad this year. Great post. Thanks for participating.