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Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Hey everyone, How are you doing. I am doing great. Sorry I haven't posted anything in a while. I have been so busy. My husband had a four-wheeler accident. So I have been taking care of him. But he is doing so much better now. He has to spend four days in the hospital. And now he is home Thanks to the lord. The Lord is preforming so many miracles for us. When he went in the hospital he had a little concussion. And he had a broken collarbone. His foot was swollen and black and blue. His foot was so swollen that he could not walk on it because his toes would not touch the floor. He sprung one of his wrist and had some skin peeled back on his hand. And he had road burns on his shoulder. But anyways I was saying the lord has been so could to us. Because my husbands hand has healed. His foot the swelling has almost gone down in. And his road burns are gone. Now we are still just waiting on his collarbone healing. Which we know that God is taking care of. We have to go back to the specialist in 3 weeks. To see how is collarbone is healing. And we believe that when we go back that we are going to get a good report. So if you don't mind agreeing in prayer with us. We would sure appreciate it. But we know that the Lord was with him. Because his four-wheeler rolled 4 times with him still on it. He had a boot that laced up over his shin that came off of his foot. While it was still laced up. Thats why his foot is so swollen. But his wreck could have been so much worse. But our Lord and Savior was there that day. And I believe that the Lord had his hand on my husband that day. And I think the Lord that he is alright and still here with me. I praise the Lord for all that he has done for me and my husband. But I guess I'll get off of here and talk to you later. Have a great day and please remember us in your prayers.

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  1. Tracy, I have been praying for your husband too, I sure agree with you for his complete healing. Love reading your posts. Keep them coming.